8 Las Vegas Travel Tips

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a place you should visit at least once in your life, whether you’re a partying gambler or not. Las Vegas has everything from excellent clubs to gorgeous hiking trails with slot machines in grocery stores. Las Vegas can be overwhelming, and there are some things that you may not have thought about while planning your trip to this rad city.

Everything is Further Away Than it Seems!

The scale is just over 4 miles long, with monstrous hotels and casinos surrounding it. That bar you want to visit may be down the street, but it could take 20 minutes to get there!

Be Prepared to Walk…A LOT!

Bring comfortable shoes and prepare to walk a lot. Whether you’re on the Strip, down by Old Vegas, or out hiking at the beautiful Red Rock Canyon, there will be a lot of walking involved!

Hydrate but Keep a Jacket with You.

Carry water and sunscreen with you! Even in the “winter months” of Vegas, it can still be warm, and it’ll be easy to dehydrate when you’re busy exploring the city. Because it’s so hot here most of the year, almost everywhere will be super cold inside. Keep a light jacket or sweater with you to transition inside.

Avoid Weekends and Holidays

Okay, this one is probably a given, BUT it’s worth mentioning. Vegas is huge on partying and gambling, so weekends and significant holidays will naturally be super busy! Even Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston hiking trails get super busy during these times. Visit during the week if you want the Vegas experience but with less chaos. For ever less chaos, visit during the cheaper months: January, February, April, and September.

Two Main Areas of Las Vegas

You’ll probably hear most about the Strip and Old Vegas. The Strip is the central tourist zone with all the iconic hotels and casinos. The Strip also has incredible attractions like the High Roller and adrenaline-inducing rides on top of the Stratosphere hotel.

Old Vegas has free outdoor concerts, a zipline, and classic neon signs like Vegas Vic! Old Vegas extends down to Container Park, a very cool place to visit with restaurants, boutique shops, and a playground. Don’t forget to see the 40-foot Mantis that throws giant flames every night.

Check Resort Fees!

Check the resort fees of any hotel you book in Vegas. The daily fee will be added to your total and quickly adds up. Generally, the more expensive the hotel, the higher the resort fee. If you’re not into the vast iconic hotels, some cheaper hotels just off the Strip are easier on the budget without being too far from the Strip.

Go off the Strip

Las Vegas is known for the Strip, BUT there are many exciting places to visit around the city! Here are just a few places to visit off-Strip:

Your Hotel Entrance

Pay attention to where your taxi or ride-share driver drops you off. Every hotel and casino has multiple entrances and can be confusing, especially when you’re inside. Make a mental note of the street your entrance is on.

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